Mr.      Randall L.  Davis 

 High Point University '15
Clemson University MBA  Candidate '19

 Work Experience Tips from a Millennial

1. Be Punctual
2. Be Professional
3. Be Respectful
4. Be Eager
5. Be Helpful
6. Be Diverse
7. Be Sharp(er)
8. Be Exceptional
9. Be Embracive 
10. Be Cool


Be Punctual

Be Professional

Be Respectful

Be on time. When I began my job, I made sure I was at least 15 minutes early to illustrate that I do not stand for tardiness. Time is something that never loses its value. On the other hand, do not be afraid to stay late to complete a task. It will not go unnoticed. Trust me.
Try to refrain from slang and informal language in the office. There's a time an place for everything. Strive to conduct yourself with the utmost professionalism around your co-workers. Also occassionally dress how you would if you were the the CEO. Show that not only do you belong, but you are here to  stay.
This should not have to be explained. Treat your co-workers, human resource members, upper managament, etc. with great respect. If there is any conflict or disagreement, handle it with deference  and civility. 

Be Eager 

Be Helpful

Be Diverse

Show interest in your job and act like you want to be at work. I'm not encouraging you to be a brownnoser, but show willingingness to learn and excel in your role. This leads to greater opportunities within the company down the road. You must have an appetite to digest knowledge from your superiors. 
If you have any bandwidth, do not hesitate to extend a hand to a co-worker or manager to help allievate the workload. Teamwork is crucial to completing task at hand, Ultimately the team has one goal, and a certain timeframe that the goal needs to be accomplihsed by.  If you were backed up with work and your co-worker had free time, you would want them to help you out right? 
This took some time for me to grasp. My co-workers came from various cultural backgrounds and generations. This enhanced my knowledge of different areas. Conversing about topics I was unfamilar with tremendously helped me carry on conversations with other professional adults outside of the workplace. This helps you become well-rounded and sharpens your image.

Be Sharp(er)

Be Exceptional

Be Embracive

Millennials have a stigma of being lazy from a societal prospective.  We have to be sharper than the next person. Our skills (both hard and soft) have to be better than the generations before us. The overall quality of our demeanor has to been keen. From our communication to how we promote and carry ourselves, it has to be sharp. 
Go above and beyond regarding work related tasks and be great at what you do. It does not matter what the task is. If you just send e-mails all day, be the best e-mail sender your company has ever hired. Have a positive attitdue and be the best employee you can be. Strive to be the employee that everyone desires to work with. Be infectious in regards with your positive work habits and your great charisma. 
Embrace your work culture. If you an your co-worker's are unsatisfied with the work culture, cooperate and shift the work culture to how you would like it to be. I have learned that a relaxed, joyous environment causes work to seem less strenuous which leads to increased  productivity. Every now and then, bond with your co-workers or upper managemnet outside of work to build comradery. Whether it is lunch or a game night, that time spent will reap benefits in the office over time.

Be Cool

Relax and be yourself.  Try not to be uptight or a co-worker who is constantly stressed about something. That energy negatively affects the workplace. We already do not want to be at work as it is, so try not to have another reason to dislike coming in to your cubicle. Just be cool, calm, and collected.